Museum of Natural Sciences

We visited the Museum of Natural Science, along with the butterfly exhibit. When we first entered the museum I was a little disappointed...did we just pay $11.00 to see stuffed animals staged...pretending to be in the wild? Don't get me wrong, they had quite a few impressively stuffed animals, birds and reptiles from around the world.

After the butterfly exhibit, I definitely felt like we overpaid. 

However on our way out we saw a sign to the entrance of aquariums down stairs. It felt like you just entered a cave, in the center was a small shark tank barely big enough for the shark swimming in it. ­čśą  The cave had four different entrances in opposite directions. Each was filled with different species of live reptiles, spiders, turtles, and fish from all over the world. There was even a crocodile. There were rooms with geological, butterfly and ancient artifact exhibits, along with a dinosaur exhibit with five different mechanical dinosaurs that made sounds and moved. At one point I actually jumped at my shadow. As we were exiting there was a planetarium, but we had already spent an hour and a half and didn't feel like waiting for the next show. This made the cost much more worth it.

We found Nemo!

I believe Jim's favorite was an iguana, in which he tried to convince me he could speak with and mumbled something about a jailbreak. My favorite part was the reptiles which is ironic because of my fear of snakes. As I walked, I'd find myself scanning for snakes I could possibly encounter and for some reason I left a bit more on edge about our upcoming trip to the Amazon.  


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