Wrong Place, Right Time

Travel days are not our favorite days. We woke up early to get a taxi, to get to old town Nessebar, to buy our tickets to catch the ferry to Sozopol. It was either a three hour bus ride or an hour ferry ride for an extra $10. It all went unbelievably smooth, so smooth I didn't even have to pretend laugh when Jim said, "it's smooth sailing from here baby." We arrived in Sozopol at 10:30 a.m. An unsuccessful negotiation only shortened our check-in time from 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.  We grabbed some breakfast, saw Elvis (thanks Auntie Jo for the socks) and then become "those people." You know the fully dressed, luggage carrying ones reminding you of your time at the beach is short and soon you'll have to go back home. 

At 2:00 p.m. we grabbed a taxi and headed to our place... Turned out the address on the Airbnb listing was wrong, way wrong. Thankfully there was a young girl who spoke some English and helped us communicate with our host over the phone. She rolled her eyes when Jim handed her his phone with a German country code in the number. Her name was T'da. At least that's what it sounded like. When our host said she didn't know the address and doesn't live here, that sweet girl got a little protective of us and bitchy with her. As in, I'll come to Germany right now and show you how sorry you'll be bitchy. T'da worked her charm and the correct address soon followed.

We eventually found out our place was way out of town. This sweet girl tried to call us a taxi, but they didn't want to come all the way from town to only go further out of town. Finally, she got a hold of another taxi friend who agreed. Jim sat up front to share directions because even the driver had no clue where this place was. After slowing down for seagulls fighting for trash in the road we hung a right and finally arrived. We found the lock box, opened the door and realized we get to share a sofa bed for the next seven days at the very top of a peninsula with no transportation. After some discussion of what to do for food and water, we took the 30 minute trek down to the grocery store, surely there will be a taxi there. We picked up enough groceries for 7 days and 11 liters of water (2.9 gallons) and attempted to get a taxi back....nope, no taxis! 

On the steep walk back up, carrying everything, it occured to us the days of lounging by the pool, conveniences like water and food on every corner were long gone.  

The positives....the view is beautiful, the AC cold, the mini fridge is full and we both agreed never to let the trials of travel days stop us from seeing the magic of life. T'da!!


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