Nessebar, Bulgaria

Nessebar, Bulgaria
July 16- August 13, 2022

A small river, the Hadjiyska separates the party city of Sunny Beach and the entrance of the quiet ancient town of Nessebar. Our home was located inland, a 10 minute walk from either side. 

Each day we could choose between the booming beach bars or the quiet natural dunes curving the river's exit into the Black Sea. Needless to say we chose the more natural choice. No vendors, no music, nothing but the sun and the sea.

Back inland, there was no shortage of restaurants and bars catering to those wanting to blow off reality. With roughly three months of livable weather, I don't blame them one bit. Let your kids run freely, crash the rental cars, cut in line. Have at it, we have time, go ahead. But if I try crossing the street and you don't stop for us in your Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini or Mercedes AMG, it's on. 

Staying in Nessebar had its advantages. Other guests said this was the quiet side. Hard to imagine with all the kids screaming but it was probably better than the late night parties. Even though the kids were ear-piercingly vocal beyond belief, they had the manners of saints. They could yell at their new vacation friend one minute then turn around and open the door for you the next, all under the not giving a shit, unwatched eyes of their parents. 

Our bedroom faced East. As in, wake up at 6:00 am whether you like it or not… East. Paper thin shades were cursed daily, failed covering attempts nightly. But between seven and nine, after walking down the street and getting coffee from a vending machine, you heard nothing. Sitting on the balcony overlooking the pool, watching the sunrise was both rewarding and refreshing. Sure that meant you were up first, which meant you're on coffee duty, but you also got to witness the beginning of a new day, both soundless and full of sunshine. 

Highlights of our stay:

*St. Anastasia Island
*Old Nessebar 

*If you're in your 20's-30's don't stay here. Stay at Sunny Beach.
*If you're in your 40's-50's don't stay here. Stay in old Nessebar. 

Bonus Tips:
*Two weeks would have been enough. 
*Cook your own food- with the exception of the Restaurant Bulgari, every other place served previously frozen slop.
*Grocery stores were plentiful and cheap.
*Haggle the taxi fare, take the bus.
*Try the Rakia.
*Last but not least, learn some Bulgarian it goes a long way. Especially when you order hot sauce and get gravy. 

Extra Bonus Tip:
*Nodding your head up and down while smiling an affectual yes actually means no.

Sun City (our home)

Our Coffee Machine

Jim's Cooking


Restaurant Bulgari (ate here often)

One of the only two "Bugs" in Nessebar

One way to plug in!

Yummy Coffee Dessert at the pool!

A little competitive Mini Golf

Played like Kaca!

No more water for Alisa!




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